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January 25, at 2: August 10, at 6: Please use this software to solve your problem with deepfreeze program.

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If you also got such problem, you can find useful solution for it. It is important to be able to unfreeze your computer if you have lost you password, Anti Deep Freeze provides this capability. May 24, at DeepFreeze is the best software to freeze a system and prevent changing its setting.

Below, we have listed possible problems when uninstalling Frezee Deep Freeze 0.

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August 19, at 8: February 2, at 6: Thank you very very much…. Dee of the people who will be using this sort of stuff are Schools, uni and other places like that where it is a requirment to have software like this installed.

Si Mohamad Lihyani says: May 16, at How to Create Instant Logo in Supalogo. January 19, at 9: Some possible problems that people run into: May 24, at 2: The uninstaller can automatically scan and find out all registry keys, exe files, DLL files, drivers, and other components in ati corner of the computer and then thoroughly delete all of them.

October 29, at 8: While Deep Freeze 7 is a useful program, it can sometimes put users in a strange predicament. If you do not have sufficient computer skills, please try the automatic uninstall method. Just so that you know, you may want to think twice next time becaus stuff like this can cause issues with your readers.

Uninstall or Disable Deep Freeze 7 using Anti Deep Freeze 4

Click Startclick Runtype in regedit and hit OK. January 24, at 2: So, it's recommended that you use an automatic third-party uninstaller to uninstall Anti Deep Freeze 0.

As you can see, it's very complicated and time-consuming to manually uninstall Anti Deep Freeze 0. Ok, I can see how your trying to freeez others remove this when they forget the password, but do you understand who would be using this?

February 10, at 4: But problems are often encountered when users forget the passwords for a copy of DeepFreeze that is installed on their computers.

February 6, at Download Avast Free Antivirus version 5. January 14, at 5: Home Uninstall Tool Download. Thanks anit lot one of my friends office had lost their password and all the pc had many problems it is a great help thank you again and Daniel you should apologize!

January 25, at 2: Unlike previous versions, the new version of Faronics Deep Freeze 7 is fully compatible with windows 7. And you do not need to know which file and registry key belongs to the program and whether it will destroy your PC if you delete it.

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