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Although smartphone cameras cannot beat professional ones in all the departments, the smartphone is the primary device for capturing moments as we carry it along all the time. The app also comes with pinch-to-zoom support, renaming and deleting content, and more. You can sort files by different order and view them by list or columns. It also has gesture-based controls which are delightful to use once you get used to them.

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It also boasts a no-ads experience, even on the free version which we liked a lot. Now it is what it is. Enhance gallery photos as per your choice using pinching in different 3D styles.

This Android picture gallery is primarily designed for speed and performance. It has a built-in photo editor, video player, and GIF player. Also, the user interface is smooth and easy andtoid operate.

Share Easily share groups of photos and videos from your gallery, with just a tap!

Learn how to solve Sudoku puzzles and play over different ones as you go. There are tons of quality camera apps for that purpose. Best 3D gallery,photo effect gallery,live best video,excellent 3D style,3D album.

You can do the basic stuff like move photos, delete stuff, set wallpapers, set favorites, and share stuff. It has a smooth and intuitive interface.

I hope you like the application as much as I do. This one features a flatter, cleaner design accentuated by Material Design with a few really decent features. Along with that, it has support for Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and Facebook. Parents will find this useful when their anxroid are watching videos.

You can do the usual things like manage your photos, create photo albums, and share your photos.

How to Use the 3D gallery application on an Android phone « Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

QuickPic includes multiple finger gestures. The Google Photos app is a cloud storage app where you can upload as many photos and videos as you want. There is also GIF support for those who enjoy that. It includes an option open the camera and a refresh button to load new media.

With it, you can hide photos, videos, and any other 3f of file that this app supports.

Super fast gallery with cool 3D styles and best innovative display. It can view photo and video content. It's also free as long as you don't mind some advertising.

10 best gallery apps for Android

Additionally, you can also protect your private photos in the Secure Drive with a PIN-code protection. When you first start the app, it scans all your media. Thank you for reading! In my case I found that my Moto Defy phone would include a different Gallery, which is not too bad, but this one by Cyanogen is definitively cooler. I have put a lot of my time and effort in understanding and enhancing this application, not an easy task; so these new features in the Settings menu will be supported by unobtrusive ads.

The scanning continues gzllery the background while you can still 3dd the app.

Focus gallery standouts for its speed and efficiency, and it is also easy to operate. This Google Photos alternative allows you to edit Exif data of your images. However, the free version of the app has limitations, and most of its amazing features are available with the premium version. It is fast, free with no ads or any in-app purchases. Although smartphone cameras cannot anrdoid professional ones in all the departments, the smartphone is the primary device for capturing moments as we carry it along all the time.

You can download it for free with an optional pro version available as an in-app purchase.

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