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Either Most interesting or most hatred topic improves discussion power. When asked what happens if a disk crashes they say send the machine to us to replace the disk and they'll install the software. Hungary, service reps claim that these CDs are not for end-users USA, after revealing the problem's cause to be an installation of Linux Greece, service reps claim that these CDs are not for end-users. These are used when you take the F11 option to boot directly into the pre-desktop area. I think it is a very good reason to avoid manufacturers who do things like this.

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The language you will get depends on the language of the OS that was shipped with your ThinkPad. Has anyone here had any success repairing the ribbon cable on a keyboard for a TP series?

IBM (Lenovo) ThinkPad Recovery CD / DVD / USB Drive

There have been some threads on recovery discs and why you may not be able to access the full code on some of them including have access to for example the files that will install or let you use the Recovery Console on some of these ironically named "recovery disc" that come with a number of recovert and laptops on newsgroups. The only thing left is to reinstall the various applications.

Message 1 of I think i merged the factory partition as well. I would have to hope that IBM Australia would have the same policies and practices. The information on this page is unofficial. First, they create the dam recovery partition which makes it impossible to use Acronis TI10 or Ghost to make a clone backup. It provides full and incremental backups.

I have this question too.

It is here to raise your chances of success when you give it a try yourself. I wanted to keep the basic system readily available to clone a new drive if that should ever again become necessary and save all the time it took to get this far.

IBM Computer but no Recovery Disk (XP-Pro) | Windows Secrets Lounge

Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. They say you don't need one because all of the source software is on a different partition on the hard disk so if you need to re-install then it is all there.

In other words, if you change drives, expect to have to build a new system from scratch and forget any hope of making regular clones to another drive to use as a backup. They eliminate the extra shipping part which couldn't cost any more to ship except for packing time. As with most machines, the software code is on a label on the outside of the machine.

I did refovery an experience where I misplaced a Windows 9X CD sent by a large OEM--which was stamped with their name prior to XP and I had to call a several times being told no and one of the people I reached just shipped it again at no cost.

I'd settled on a rpm because of heat and power draw concerns. IBM's response was ludicrous--particularly the "send it to them. Then used Rescue and Recovery to restore the recoverh C: When the package arrived a few days after the order was placed, I was dismayed, like you, that no recovery CDs were provided.

My machines desktop and Tpad have the following configuration, C: Results 1 to 15 of Using an IDE cable adapter, I temporarily installed the old 40 Gb hard drive as a slave drive in my desktop computer. To get to the point I am now at loading useful applications did not take as long as I thought it would.

To my surprise, the 20 GB clone would not boot when I tested it. These updates, interestingly, included hardware specific drivers for the Recobery By continuing to use our website, you agree to the use of such cookies. Hi All, I am new to the forums and have had a good search but cannot find my exact issue. Before all this started it had degraded to take almost four minutes to boot and generally became very slow and clunky in spite of my best im to control startup items, etc.

The machine was delivered without a recovery disk.

IBM notice: The page you requested cannot be displayed

In that case a bootable Linux system might help investigating:. IBM recovery disks reformatted the hard drive and preset the partition sizes where necessary. Everything sent fully paid for by IBM Canada.

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