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Even my twelve year old can use this program. Your prices are extremely reasonable and the whole process so efficient that it's almost hard to believe The 3D view was great too! The parts turned out very nice and were packaged well. Very excited about future possibilities and I'd highly recommend them!

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This is technology of the future when comparing to manual drafting equipment and the standard machine tools that I cut my teeth hsop as a kid. They are exactly as I expected and will work perfectly for my project. Your concept is flawless Your system for designing and ordering custom made parts is so much better than anything I have ever seen that nothing even compares.

I still remember the first time I placed an order and it arrived mwchine right Tolerance is just a way of specifying a range for a measurement, so 1. By Nick Walker Nick Walker.

I designed and ordered a set of brackets for a ATV lift kit. Failing to consider the manufacturing process can significantly increase machinw costs. First used this 8 years ago to design some components on my car.

With the free software from eMachineShop, I was able to get my first part designed and delivered in eight days! I found your site, downloaded the software and in one xhop I designed and purchased my mechanical parts. They recently came and i was truly amazed. I can sop anywhere on my own time and produce the parts I've dreamed up during the day, I have no complaints. Good Products with high levels!

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No faxing paper drawings, no endless phone conversations as to how the drawing was to be interpreted. Attached is a picture of some parts I ordered, laser cut Stainless Steel motorcycle chain adjusters.

I have found all of them very complicated. I was skeptical at first and afraid the parts would not be as nice as I was hoping. This is terrible customer service. Understand the manufacturing process when designing If you are new to custom part design, or more familiar with 3D Printing, you really have to think about how the part will machnie made while you are designing it.

I really appreciated your work.

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I've turned on several friends - they say they'll be looking to you when the time comes for parts. The part looks exactly machinf it did on my computer screen.

The cost-saving hints the software gave were very helpful too. Whether you plan to work with eMachineShop or another machine shop, machins yourself a favor and review this guide before submitting your design. Alex and the team always do a great job, on time, and are reasonably priced. Why should you listen to me?

I am very excited about using your service for future orders. After doing my research I went with eMachineShop.

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Professional Pyrotechnician Long Beach, California. You guys have never missed a date or sent me a part that didn't exceed the manufacturing tolerences specified.

I am a complete novice when it comes to cad design. Another reason to pay close attention to tolerances is that they have the ability to significantly impact the mchine cost of production.

Couldn't be more satisfied.

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