Black joy 1977

Floella Benjamin as Miriam. New job and home 4: The film is a lightly ironic, British culture-clash comedy.

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Unaware that Dave's cash comes from his own stolen wallet, Ben accompanies Dave to a betting shop and defends him in a brawl.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With encouragement from Sally, Ben confronts Dave about the degree to which he has abused their friendship.

Directed by ex-barrister Anthony Simmonsthe film adopts a comedic tone to tackle the issue of unemployed black Britons in a ghettoised Brixton. She is furious and upset, having just returned from an abortion clinic. Shot after the landmark film Pressure d. Stylistically it certainly shares some of the genre's tropes with flamboyant costume designs; an extremely episodic narrative motivated by dramatic confrontation; exaggerated protagonists with sharp dialogue and a fetishism of the urban ghetto.

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They place a bet on a horse that wins and Ben puts his winnings towards new accommodation. Its brutal honesty about financial and social struggle in Brixton, coupled with a drama that remains light-hearted and refuses extreme violence, wins over its potentially judgemental audience. In a bid to cement his relationship with Miriam and Ben, Dave takes advantage of a car deal arranged by Jomo, a loan shark and sometime boyfriend of Saffra. In an attempt to find his missing wallet he follows Devon around Brixton, but is sidetracked by Devon's beautiful aunt Saffra.

Norman Beaton as Dave. Season 7 Black Lightning: Hunter Killer Is Substandard. This page was last edited on 5 Mayat Single mother Miriam retains her independence but does so bblack the detriment of her delinquent ten-year-old son, and Ben's gradual maturity is marked by him beating Dave and Jomo at their own deceptive and bullying game.

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An argument ensues and Miriam forces Dave to leave. Black Joy is the lightly ironic title of this British culture-clash comedy. The catalyst for most of Our Hero's travails is "assimilated" Caribbean Dave Beaton, who delivers an antic performance as a streetwise con artist.


Dawn Hope as Saffra. We laugh with the characters in Black Joynot at them.

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New job and home 4: At a nightclub Ben meets Sally, a white woman who seduces him, and that night he loses his virginity. Retrieved from " https: Archived from the original on 27 September Black Joy is a British film released indirected by Anthony Simmons. Jomo backs down and Dave is thankful.

Black Joy has its melodramatic moments, but it's worth enduring the more intense sequences to get to the exuberant climax, wherein Thomas finally learns to stand up for his basic rights.

Humiliated and confused, Ben travels to Brixton in search of an obscure address. Inventions, Ironies, Immigrants Champlin, Charles. Trevor Thomas as Ben.

In the morning Dave approaches Ben for some cash to pay the bills he cannot afford. Dave King, a charismatic petty crook and lover of Devon's mother Miriam, pretends to be a responsible adult and intercepts Ben's wallet, but he keeps the money knowing that Devon has stolen it. Dave reluctantly agrees and the group return to London.

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