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Please fix or help me on how to work this. You can send info on this to me Marion Petersen Mjpdabludragon yahoo. Three steps to accomplish what could be done on the main screen. This is how you can delete your Yahoo account. I used to be able to before the update but now I just get an unspecified error message when someone sends me a pic.

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From within its easily navigated menus, you can access whatever contacts you have and filter them in a variety of useful ways. It opens a pull down menu with Available; Busy, Invisible to everyone and ntc Sign out of messenger.

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Does anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it? Messenger Another messaging service?

On two occasions I pressed the paperclip icon and opened the add picture dialog. Jointechies from around the world. Too young to go? In Mobiles and Tablets. Receive push notification of new email messages Send emails to contacts from the Yahoo!

I Like yahoo messenger app on my tablet? Yahoo has been beta-testing Squirrel since last month. Email is also not formatted for the Evo screen or more to the point, the smaller messdnger screens.

Yahoo Messenger Is Finally Shutting Down

Pakistan's premier technology platform covering everything about technology, startups and entrepreneurship. The old version saw a decline in user base eventually, with several new services rising to the fore, including Google Talk, social networks like Facebook, and smartphone chat apps like WhatsApp. It will be open to the public when Yahoo Messenger shuts down. They should fix this. But after playing with it awhile, I found out the problem having something to do with the 4G, since I could get Messenger to work flawlessly with my home wifi.

Yahoo Messenger Updated to Send Videos.

Yahoo! Messenger for Android - Download

With the upgrade, it erased my conversation history in my phone. There is just a box with the shape of a person.

Read our privacy policy. At least within the people I know.

Snap Launches Spectacles 2. There was no logout yahoi sign out…pls i need information on another way to logout ASAP…thank u. On Android, they've been introducing new and interesting apps for some time now, and their Yahoo Messenger app has just been updated to support the sending of videos, too.

Yahoo Messenger problem!

With the new Yahoo Mail app for Android, consumers can: I have the cliq running old 1. Unfortunately, it only allows the primary id to login and use and not the Alias.

It was the most popular instant messaging app in my native Philippines for most of the s.

How do i change the sound of when i get an IM or send and IM. RIP Yahoo Messenger, Inaround 3 billion Yahoo accounts were affected as a result of the data hack that happened in Currently, there is no replacement service for Yahoo Messenger but it is experimenting with yajoo services and apps, one of the apps is Yahoo Squirrel, which is currently in beta version. What can I do?

Yahoo Squirrel is far from the only option, however, with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, and Signal all being perfectly good alternatives.

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