Hiragino maru gothic pro

Google font directory https: Update Not knowing your exact purpose, you might also want to consider simply using numbers from a more commonly available similar font. If your website targets the designer crowd, many of them will have the Adobe Suite installed don't ask by what means. Times New Roman, for example, isn't too different, and mixing the

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Update Not knowing your exact purpose, you might also want to consider simply using numbers from a prro commonly available similar font. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Visually similar alternatives to Helvetica?

Recommendation for Helvetica-like font with excellent distinguishability. Some will have better hinting than others and be OK, but you're unlikely to find anything that perfectly works Duopixel 1 6 For shorter text for emphasis onomatopoeia e.


I still think that for web, the gotic free option out there is Liberation Sans. Nir 7 8. Capitals with curves are designed slightly larger than the other letters to counteract an optical illusion, which otherwise would make those letters look too small, even though in reality they wouldn't be.

Heisei Maru Gothic Std W4 : Download For Free, View Sample Text, Rating And More On tgeo.pro

It's not the same design, but League Gothic is a good free bold grotesque sans that may give you the feel you want. More about Roboto's pre-redesign similarity to Helvetica here.

I think the best approach githic to use the advanced search tool on your web font service. Google font directory https: I would probably use font-family: Additionally, another well-known Open Source font is the Ubuntu font, now used as the default sans font in the Bodoni different colors different scale different weights mar.

It is what Apple is currently using for all of its header text in their branding, and by casual observation I see it a lot in advertising in the UK. If that font looks too old-fashioned or unprofessional, you can either It emphasizes cleanness, readability, and objectivity.

About the Hiragino Fonts with CSS

I like Myriad, and I've been using it a lot lately in my layouts. If the 5x5 pixel font suggested by Cai and mayersdesign is still too large, you could try the 4x5 pixel font I made a few years ago for a challenge on another SE site. But Bitstream Charter has lined non-descending hiragimo.

The situation has changed since this question was first asked in For a block of text speech Hiragino Maru Gothic Pro is a great choice. It renders perfectly with font-face.

HC Maru Gothic font - Free Japanese Font - Free Japanese Font

If the O has thicker sides than the top and bottom. Matt Sephton 2 9. Free alternatives to Impact. This font is extremely informal, is widely used for example in leaflets in government offices, whatevercomes with Windows, is widely frowned upon read: Useful if you also target devices that are not a pc or Mac. You will notice most manga don't actually use "cartoony" fonts. Some visual clues that will tell your users the O is a letter: The top image is the original unaltered font.

This is the font and this is what comes up as a suggestion when

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