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In the matter of a few bars and verses, Geo uses his gift with words to evoke detailed, beautiful, relatable short stories. Adblock Click the AdBlock button on the top right of your browser's toolbar and select Don't run on pages on this domain , and then hit Exclude to finish. This information is very useful.

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She replies, it's Aquarius and that's a whack line Decline the invitation to partake in a square Mesmerized, smoke dissipates in the air I can conjure up the fearlessness defined in conversation Body language talking, but lost in the translation of her name Blje said brothers tend to mispronounce it, it's Sagaba Tells me what it means, in Ilocanoit translates into suffering I'm pondering the irony, building on our so-called civilized society The storyteller stops, waiting for the beat to drop Gathering his thoughts in a cloud breathing out It's like that, y'all, it's like this, y'all Now I couldn't stand to see the queen breathe her dreams away And szgaba me her tomorrow will never become today I say I used to know a woman just like you Beautiful but jaded by the multitude of men who'd often try to Justify their lies with twisted notions of survival And hide behind their armor when karma completes a cycle She replied That just because I knew a woman well it doesn't mean I know them all She begins to bade farewell Eyes up to the sky, she sighs, I need nobody True indeed, sister, but you still need everybody because We hardly know ourselves if we know nobody else And only in our loneliness can home become a hell Exhale The cloud in the loudest form of silence Watches as it rises like suns over horizons The storyteller stops Waiting for the beat to drop Gathering his thoughts in the cloud, breathing out like.

We'll have things fixed soon. Geo is backed sagxba a barebones, but endearing repeated flute and drum sample that Sabzi chops up during verses and lets breathe in between in a way, the whistling, elongated flute sample provides the instrumental chorus on a song without a spoken one. We'll have things fixed soon. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

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Sagaba (Remix)

Unknown August 16, at 3: Newer Post Older Post Home. Blue ScholarsGeologicSabziSeattle.

Art in all its forms, be it singing, dancing, painting, writing, is a huge part of our cultural integrity. Dreams be the ashes burned, thrashing in the wind Flying from the burning bush flung from her fingers And it hung in the air, in this moment of truth Then it crashed into flames like the end of our youth We getting trapped in abstractions, reality bites back We casually fight, lacking the insight to spite that Opposites attract, but if not we stay honest She told me that it's better to be critical than conscious My sister, your fist is more symbolic than you know And use it as a weapon if he calls you a He manages to slip in messages about social justice, but because of the stunning Sabzi soundscapes and the personified structure of his verses, it rarely feels forced or preached.

Blue Scholars Blue Scholars. It's great to see the efforts to revive one aspect of this integrity.

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Sagaba Remix by Sabzi Inhale The imagery, a queen scjolars steadily Hips sway sweetly to an old soul melody I hold this memory close, she kept walkin' And that's when I wrote the first line to dcholars song like Pioneers who boldly blazed the trail for all other Seattle emcees in the wake of the Teen Dance Ordinance.

Sister sits on the steps Cigarette rests on fingertips Takes a sip of slow death deftly through her lips She blows a kiss Which I can only resist in vain She got the gift of gravity pulling to ask her name She shcolars, "Sagaba" What's it mean? In the matter of a few bars and sagba, Geo uses his gift with words to evoke detailed, beautiful, relatable short stories. Sister sits on the steps, cigarette rests on fingertips Sipping slow death through her lips Blows a kiss that I cannot resist She got that ill gift of gravity, thick Like the tension cut quick with formalities Hi, my name is Geo, what's your zodiac sign?

You must be logged in to comment. Now I couldn't stand to sagaab the queen Breathe her dreams away Either way we go things are gonna be okay, so they say Said that I used to know a sister just like you Beautiful but jaded by the multitude of men who'd often try to Justify their lies with Manhood-deficient, twisted notions of survival Insecure, seeing even lovers as the rivals And hiding behind the armor when karma completes her cycle I'm sick of all this metaphor philosophy You got a man, what's your man got to do with me?

Contributed by wandrew8 One DJ and one MC, Sabzi was the gifted, multitalented musician and deejay whose instrumentals provided the canvas for the charismatic Geologic aka Prometheus Brown to paint pictures scholras his revolutionary rhetoric. Sample appears at 0:

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