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But - glad to say, with very little or not effort, there ways around it though. Your review for Adobe Pagemaker -. This page was last edited on 25 October , at None of the upgrades were clean installs, all were updates. Please enter a title.

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Outside it being a little sotfware for the modern world, another one of the major problems with Adobe Pagemaker is how it can be somewhat difficult to learn. It does feature templates to work from, and that is recommended as a way to learn what you can do with it. I haven't put it into all its phases, so there may be pagemaoer issues that I am yet to encounter. You can even display this on cell phones, and you will have access to the sophisticated Adobe Distiller functions, and there are security features in Pagemamer.

Retrieved 20 October It is not free. Pros Exporting to PDF format You can create more complex documents Cons Both the professional and amateur users could find an app with better features.

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Pagemaker may install, but the printer driver will not install, making the program useless. The biggest problem is that if you are a beginner, you may find some of this inaccessible.

Ours was originally installed in Windows XP Pro, 32 bit. More very good for publishing works Publish Once While the software looks a lot like its predecessor, you do have some new gear available. Retrieved 6 March softwarw The last major release of PageMaker was 7. I have been able to Export and print with Pagemaker pagemaksr. Flawless is not one of them and to call it capable is a stretch. If you were happy using desktop publishing programs, you'll be pleased that Pagemaker is still available.

I run it on ssoftware Win10 Pro desktop, with 6 meg ram on an 8 old year Intel Q processor. Use 3rd party pdf creators at your own risk. One of the issues is Windows has been telling programmers to quit saving data in the program directories Linux and Unix do not pagemakfr that. Its an Awesome application.

CONS Both amateur and professional users better served by different apps. The last major release of PageMaker was inand customers were offered InDesign licenses at a lower cost.

Adobe messed up and abandoned a nearly perfect product. Therefore you may be right, there are probably issues that would surface I wouldn't know about.

It's interesting for me. For the vast majority of people, however, desktop publishing has been an outdated service because you can now process applications and create pages for printing.

User reviews about Adobe Pagemaker. I don't know what some of the people here are talking about. Go to original post.

Adobe PageMaker

InfoWorld Volume avobe, No. But I and many of the others here have been posting to this forum for over 15 years and have yet to see a way to get pagemaker to work reliably on anything newer than XP or OS9.

Last access date 22 July At least this is my recollection from nearly two years ago. I repeat what I said right at the beginning of this thread: You have a typo on your correction to your typo Sorry 6 megs was a typo, I meant 5 gig.

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