Drama korea stairway to heaven

I can't promise you that you'll be entirely happy when you finish the drama, but the feelings that this drama gives you and the lessons that are taught.. My heart filled with painful aches Yoo-ri achieves her long time goal of roping in Song-joo to an engagement, but Song-joo simply cannot forget his first love Jung-suh. Views Read Edit View history. Jung-suh becomes sad for the neglect and abuse Mi-ra pours on Tae-hwa, not even complimenting him when he wins awards in school for his excellent artwork, and so she tries to befriend him but Tae-hwa reacts by developing a crush on Jung-suh.

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The actors and actresses were just amazing. I really enjoy this drama.

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She had an open window to try something new in after "Yong Pal". Jung-suh loses her memoryand Tae-hwa moves them away and changes their names.

She'd wanted to be a singer and once belonged to Lee Seung-hwan's agency, Trust me, everyone that watched it knows what you're going through.

Both Yoo-ri and Tae Mi-ra feel remorse for their sins against Jung-suh, and apologize to her. These all were my interpretation and feelings for the series.

Stairway to Heaven (2003-South Korea-SBS)

The Korea Herald via Hancinema. I know the story line but I still get mad, happy and as always Stairsay cry a lot. Promotional poster for Stairway to Heaven L to R: If by chance a cast or crew member visit this site, I would like to say thank you so much for your hard work.

My eyes filled with flowing tears. Repeated rule breaking will result in warnings followed by blacklisting upon non-compliance. Yoo-ri Tae-hee Kim will do anything to keep the childhood sweethearts from reuniting. Once more we see a drama where parents fail their children, big time, with long-lasting consequences on their lives.

But a tragic accident happens. Tae-hwa wants to grant her wish at all cost and commits suicide via car crash in order to donate his cornea to her.

Stairway to Heaven Korean Drama Review

The ground-wave broadcasting company that was going to cast her for a drama changed its mind after learning she was getting married, Archived from the original on Song-ju, being the only son of a multi-national cooperation, begins his business training and prepares himself to study abroad. Songjoo and Jungseo are my fav couplethey look so cute together like they were born to be together.

Kdrama land Aug 04 6: LiCe Dec 01 4: Time passes and Song-ju returns from his studies to get back with Jung-suh. Retrieved 25 March I do koorea a lot while watching it.

Although the drama is sad, it was a great drama because, all the actors did a good job of making the drama so realistic. The way Cha Song Ju walks, it's liked more of a gangster than an executive.

Because i only remember its ost HAHA. Jung-suh keeps a lot of her grief about the abuse to herself, instead of telling her father. It's very rude, or else, I may be from different culture.

Too bad I was too young to understand what exactly its story was when it had its first appearance on TV. It's only 20 eps but i felt like watching 30 eps Time passes and Song-Joo returns from his studies to get back with Jung-Seo. Jung-suh tells Tae-hwa that her one wish is to see Song-joo's face one last time. Hey, where is DNA technology to prove she was his daughter?

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