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Detailed view of the route in Munich violet line. Depending on the GPS model and your personal preferences, you may prefer one software product or the other. You may also rent some of these maps!

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Download "points of interest" or maps to GPS devices.

Croatia on CDrom including customer code to receive free frilurtskartan code. To exchange data between MapSource and BaseCamp, you can either use "copy and paste" - which supports only one type of objects e.

With BaseCamp on the other hand, you have the choice of either erasing previously loaded maps or leave them on the GPS.

Switzerland Friulftskartan V2 on CDrom including customer code to receive free unlock code. Depending on the Friluftakartan model and your personal preferences, you may prefer one software product or the other. In this example, we used the WGS datum and display the coordinates in degrees and minutes.

There are significant conceptional differences between MapSource and BaseCamp regarding data storage.

The various programs of the GARMIN MapSource product family support different geographical regions on one hand and different functions on the other hand. You will find the driving instructions in the window in the lower left corner.


Manage waypoints, routes and tracks travelled paths on a PC. The image below shows the elevation profile of a planned hiking trip from Friluftzkartan via Kleine Scheidegg to Adelboden. Tracks and maps can be exchanged with both products.

The later are photos which include information about the location where they were taken coordinates. Netherlands Topo on CDrom including customer code to receive free unlock code. For each leg, the GPS records the date and time, elevation, leg length, leg time, leg speed, leg course and the current position coordinates.

For fitness devices such as the Edge and Forerunner series, there is also a software called "Training Center" which supports additional data such as speed and heart rate.

Specifications and packaging of the products are subject to change without notice. Autorouting also supports intermediate destinations vias. Some products - such as MapSource City Navigator - support the feature "autorouting", which calculates the shortest or fastest route from a start to a final destination with optional intermediate destinations so called "vias". This will significantly increase the level of details of the maps and may support autorouting on the GPS device itself, depending on the GPS model.

A track consists of a number of straight lines called "legs" at constant speed. Detailed view of the route in Munich violet line. The images below show three different extracts of the area around Bern at different scales - created with MapSource World and City Navigator Europe. These updates only update the software and not the maps.

Preloaded maps will never be erased, neither by MapSource nor by BaseCamp.

TOPO Sweden v5 PRO

The former is usually the faster method. BaseCamp stores all objects waypoints, routes, tracks, pictures etc. Note that MapSource World does not "know" any roads, routes between two waypoints are measured as direct line distances. World map on CDrom no unlock code required.

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Both programs support data exchange - waypoints, routes, travelled paths tracksmaps etc. If there are multiple maps installed on your GPS device, then most models support enabling and disabling maps individually, which allows you to switch quickly between different maps. BaseCamp is not bundled with any map frjluftskartan and is available for download free of charge, see downloads.

Note that in this example, the coordinates are shown as 6 digit X and Y values corresponding to the Swiss Grid and the CH datum. If Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on your computer, you may download and install it for free. Enlargement of the track shown on the left. Lists, folders and the complete collection may be exported to and imported from files.

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