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Select it, then hold the Alt key down to pick the highlight on the tip of the nose, draw a line up the nose bridge to the top of the nose, and "Bango," you've got a nice highlight on the nose bridge. The Repair tool is like Photoshop's Healing Brush. You can add your own suit and tie combinations or women's jackets and blouses to the menu for more variety and to suit your style.

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You can also adjust how strong you'd like the umaging, something like the "Fade" command in Photoshop. Create new account Request new password. CPAC imaging introduces Version 3. Ballet in light 1. So, why not get the digital advantage and rise above the mundane looks of a conventional photo album?

A very useful feature of the software is its ability to catalog backgrounds for you.

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Wait A bit Download Will Appear. The Burn and Dodge tools are pretty straightforward, as is the Line tool. Even add a smile. The clothes changing feature could come in mighty handy when some high school senior guy didn't wear a suit and his mom wanted him to. I figured I'd outsmart everybody with c;ac genius IQ and not light the background independently, figuring my studio fill light would be very even.

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Ballet in light 1. Un Sabato al tramonto.

This software lmaging for general photographer or home users that need to improve your image as professionals looking to do retouching by easier auto and manual function Read More Adventures In Green Screen As mentioned, one of the reasons I was intrigued by this program was its ability to change backgrounds. All in all, it's a valuable tool for busy professionals who put a high priority on their time or who want to show employees how to quickly and easily retouch files.

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Then use the Retouch tool to brush over a large area and watch blemishes and lines disappear. Arcibaldo Miller, foto Augusto De Luca. Feel Blocked as a Photographer?

Make sure to set Opacity first--you can't adjust it later. So for the first question--can this replace Photoshop? Even add a smile.

Within and hour or two going through the Tutorial, you and your staff can start making astonishing retouching work within a matter of minutes. Then I clicked the "Auto Face Selection" tool and it somehow circled the face and outlined the eyes and lips so they wouldn't be affected. If you have a group image, it will also find all the faces and circle them all. When it finished cpa work about 15 seconds later I i,aging honestly stunned.

Installing The Software Installing the software is a little more convoluted than most.

Retouching software for Professionals…outstanding umaging in just minutes. It is the ideal program to retouch, restore, repair, refresh, renew, rejuvenate your customers portraits.

The only tools needed are a computer and Xpress software. Left This image of Meghan Quimby shows the unretouched version. This software appropriate for general photographer or home users that need to improve your image as professionals looking to do retouching by easier auto and manual function. CPAC Perfect Pro, a unique rule-based Expert System, analyzes each image using advanced intelligent digital imaging algorithms, and automatically performs photo correction, using fuzzy logic methods and artificial intelligence techniques.

You can fine-tune the effect with the Opacity tool. I went back to the drawing board with a smaller subject flower where I could easily light the background and results were much improved. End of it all.

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