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Whether you are looking for an underlying ambience for a particular film or video scene, or a descriptive emotion behind an audio drama or documentary, Background Trax is the perfect collection of ambiences and backgrounds. Have a listen today and see if you agree!

Request a New Password. A recording of a walk on a gravel path.

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Background Trax offers not only steady full stereo backgrounds, but individual background elements for you to custom combine to fit your particular sound design needs. Sound i used for a black-out effect in a TV-show. Features of Background Sound Effects Library: Has a knob on the end that you can pull off, creating this sound. Ringing of a bell like in a boxing fight.

Background Sounds

In truth it is GowlerMusic February 23rd, downloads 14 comments. ERH February 19th, downloads 37 comments.

This siren whistle sound is often used as a comical cartoon sound effect where something is sent flying through the The eerie prelude of a distant thunderstorm immediately announces the underlying theme of a terrifying tale. By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies.

Your productions will rip through the competition with unmatched realism and presence. Re-sampled from FreqMan's lightbulbwink.

This is my dog reacting to my big hairy microphone windshield: There was a thick fog Howling wind storm effect created on Nord Lead Virtual Analog synthesizer. Censor beep sound effect created in audacity. Fight - fighting men.

I layered several freesound sounds to get a nasty explosion for a short movie that i made. PVC pipe sound from a toiletpaper-roll-holder-thingy. Download Ambience and Background Sound Effects.

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Sound backyround emotion better than any visual cue. Get in the Know By clicking, I am agree to Terms of Services. Bertrof October 18th, downloads 45 comments. We did all the work, so you don't have to!

Background Trax Audio Demo. This set includes some of the most spatial and distinct backgrounds available: Your request for registration has been submitted successfully. The drone of airliners muffled sounnd crowd chatter and public address announcements instantly informs the listener that the action is set at an airport. You have successfully updated your SFX Matters newsletter preferences.

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