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This map supports both Victory Point and Annihilate and provides up to 8 Players. That means that if it happens to crash by using my maps sgb format means that something happened in download or in extract or something else. Anyway this is a good map, have fun with it.

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The map is nicely built with nice placements of objects, decals, and height maps used to make it a truly unique map.

This site is NOT official gamefront site but just a third party mirror. If you see something in this video, chances are it's on fire or blowing up! The center of the map is divided by a railroad that also serves as a territory disconnect point. It will look like this Target: I don't have anything to install.

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If enemy gets the town first, they probably set up defences. Try to locate the folder that has the maps and then just place them there.

Refer to the readme for more information, along with credits! This is a entertaining map which will provide fun for all.

The center is a huge chokepoint for either you or the opponent as the valuable resources are in range. You may destroy the bridges to halt the enemy advances but they can also be repaired. The author has also placed weapons in the trenches and the bunker in the map, so you may have heavy weapon right off.

If you think you have what it takes to fight your battles, and be victorious, without the aid of any Armour, then Hill1 RC1 is primed and ready for you to join, all that's left is for you to do is locate the download link and put it to good use V3 Rocket Base takes place within an Axis Base, so the possibility of some fast based action is always present! The game starts out with the Germans defending the center between the two bridges Knowing the objective and obtaining the objective are two totally different things, if you think you have what it takes to obtain total victory, start your download now, and don't forget, bragging rights belong to those that are still standing.

Conversely, the opponent tends to be wicked-tough, play them hard or expert at your own risk! Map should be fairly balanced as my clan has played on the map for the past month in both roles as Axis and Allies with some interesting turn of fortunes. The SGA file that you download you can delete them.

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When either of these happens, it's all over but the cryin! If you and three of your friends are looking for a place to get together and re-live some battles, then we have just the location for you! Three routes on three bridges. Getting the bad things aside first - well, rather constructive critism - texture and object placement could still use some improvement, using the height-tool more frequently would improve the tactical depth too.

The church in the southern village is an indulgance on my part, it produces direct-fire capable snipers, something I know not to be a really professional addition to the map, but something I know has made the map all the much more enjoyable for me. The hill is closer to first team and the river is more acessible to the second team because the ford.

After waves of waves of bodies swept over the beach and intense fighting, the attackers emerged victorious, talrs the German defenders were able to take lives with them. The game starts out as 3 against 2 and the isolated third player [Panzer Elite] has to cross the bridge and save his comrades.

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With that said, this map is still packs lots of entertainment especially when all 4 player slots are usedand is great for guerrilla warfare. You should smooth out the edges, both on the top and bottom, to get a more "natural" effect.

This battle is set at night under really wet and wild conditions and in this map all the street lights and spot lights work, adds a nice tone to the battle. There are lots of resources on this map which really makes for intense battles so enjoy the action and have fun!!! The allies, have lesser victory points, that makes them to attack if they want to win.

It doesn't matter if you didn't install taales c: Trying on Windows 7 PC and Windows 8. They are preparing a defense to hold the city. The bulk of the action will most likely happen at the crossroads, however, in a map as open as this, there is the potential for battles to happen anywheres

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