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Even with the lack of an procedual world, there are waterways that could be navigated by small boats or rafts that fit the theme of Howard's universe. I myself had many many hours of fun playing it - from the highlight of Tortage all the way through to the expansion Khittan content LOVED the chinese asthetic of those areas, particularly the great wall type fortress. For melee the quickslot bars only launched the combo, you then had to do all steps of the combo manually, all while keeping the target hitbox in range and on point.

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Are there any plans to procedurally generate terrain or realms?

Funcom finally delivers on broken Age of Conan promises. I pay respect! : ConanExiles

If you have criticism, please express it in a civil manner. I hope they implement those into this game!!!

The character was fine, the weapons and armor was fine, but I had forgotten the skills. The PoE one is too complex to work with the nature of the game. Open world city construction, with siege combat.

Dx10 is buggy and doesn't even look better imho. Such posts will be removed on sight. Lets not talk about the disappointment of how that went.

I wasn't really into it, but the art work was superb and the music captivated me. I think you might be jumping the gun. If you played aoc as a mage you should be ashamed of yourself. Also, I am sure combat will become more substantial as well! Going from AoC's system to the most basic hack and slash is almost heartbreaking, but I believe that they'll be able to at minimum fix the worst of the weapon animations. Exiles will become a superlative example of what a survival crafting game can be.

Large breaks with established lore and dirct whole cloth additions to service a WoW style MMO dorect and skinner box rewards regimen.

I played AoC at launch, loved Tortage. It didn't bother me overmuch either, what got me was the th time I fell through the world, particularly when climbing a hill gae the th run of villas.

I'm so hopeful that Funcom keeps up with the great work they're doing with Conan Exiles. Yeah, plus stats on armor not actually doing anything. I've never run the game under my current OS, Windows 10, so was wondering what conxn the recommended version of the aforementioned Direct X.

Hm might be my graphic card then. Your Slam critically slashes Lozig for This kind of promises are a problem with games these days. Been hooked since Savage Sword of Conan Become a Redditor ae subscribe to one of thousands of communities. A Witcher 3 Conan, with even better combat system similar to Jedi Knight-series, perhapswould be brilliant. Directt we have now decided to create a completely new direcr ruleset to provide a world that those players will also find interesting.

AoC is most likely going to stay in a decently broken state with very little content updates. The only sad part about AoC is that people stopped playing the game, because it was released way too early with way too many buggs and technical issues.

We used polls and feedback threads on the PVP sections of our conna to get direct feedback from the hardcore audience as to what they would find appealing in such a setting. The same friend goaded me into trying exiles and the desire to construct buildings was pleasantly there. Sanctum, Xib, House of Crom and Atzel's stand out as four of my all time favorites.

The ‘Blood and Glory’ PvP Ruleset

I still listen to that soundtrack to this day and it has been about 7 years. It will, in effect, be intentionally uncompromising. I know because went back to it after not playing for a long time, and couldnt complete any of the dungeons with a top level character. More specialization for characters would be great.

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